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Varga Circular Safety Saws

Accurate Cuts, Ease of Use, Safety!

Many of today's latest and greatest engraving materials must be saw cut in order to achieve good results. Some jobs require great accuracy. Today's work place must be safe and free of hazards. The VARGA Line of Circular Saws offers the solution to these requirements and more! Three models to choose from.
  • The Varga Saws may be used to cut almost every type of plastic engraving stock, including Micro-thin ABS, Impact Acrylic Laminates, Clear Acrylics, Formica, PVC, Phenolics, Wood, Rubber, Felt, Matte Board, Nylon, and other plastics. On occassions when necessary you can cut Aluminum, Brass and other Non-ferrous metals (cutting non-ferrous metals is not harmful to the saw, but will dull the blade more quickly).
  • Typical Swiss precision manufacturing provides the most accurate cut possible. The bar type stop guide and detailed inch scale make setup easy. Even very narrow strips can be cut accurately and easily every time.
  • Designed with safety in mind, even the inexperienced operator can use this equipment easily and safely. Unlike table saws or radial arm saws, the varga saw blade is completely enclosed, most chips are cleanly deposited in the collection bag. (Always wear safety glasses when using this or any power equipment)
  • One of the best investments any engraving, trophy or sign shop can make.

The Varga Model VA-10 is our base model, offering a cutting width of 24.5" (620 mm) and a maximum cutting thickness of .250" (6.3 mm). The VA-10 comes standard with a robust 350 Watt, 15,000 RPM motor.

Model VA-11 offers a 26.5" (673 mm) cutting width, and more than twice the cutting thickness of the VA-10, at .600" (15 mm) Additionally the VA-11 comes with enhanced measuring and stop guide devices, and a rest bar for long material. A heavy duty 500 Watt motor is included with variable speed control.

The "Top of the Line" Varga Model VA21/15 has the longest maximum cut of any saw in its class at 41" (1040 mm), and a .600" (15 mm) cutting thickness. This model features even another material rest bar, and of course the heavy duty 500 Watt Motor with variable speed control rounds out this great saw.


Varga Saw Specifications

Specification VA-10 VA-11 VA-21/15
Motor 110V, 60Hz, 350 Watt 110V, 60Hz, 500 Watt 110V, 60Hz, 500 Watt
Speed (RPM) 15,000 13,000 to 15,000 13,000 to 15,000
Saw Blade 36 Tooth Carbide 36 Tooth Carbide 36 Tooth Carbide
Cutting Thickness .250" (6.3 mm) .600" (15 mm) .600" (15 mm)
Non-Ferrous Metal .157" (4 mm) .197" (5 mm) .197" (5 mm)
Cutting Length 24.5" (620 mm) 26.5" (665 mm) 41.0" (1030 mm)
Scale Inches or MM Inches or MM Inches or MM
Blade Lubrication ( optional ) Included Included
Weight 55 Lbs. Gross 80 Lbs. Gross 90 Lbs. Gross
Box Dimensions 36" X 22 " X 10" 36" X 22" X 10" 51" X 22" X 10"
VC36T 36 Tooth Blade VG500 Vargol Saw Lubricant